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BeyondVenue: Your One Stop Solution To Cat Jewelry And Toys

January 25, 2017

BeyondVenue: Your One Stop Solution To Cat Jewelry And Toys

Cats are incredible pets to have and if you are considering getting a cat or already have one, then know that cats are great companions and can help you through tough times. There are a few things to remember when it comes to cats, these are:


Be careful when you have a cat around because cats can make about 100 different sounds as opposed to dogs that only make 10 sounds. Having a cat means experiencing all of these sounds hands on. So be prepared if you are planning to buy a cat anytime soon or just got one.


Cats hear better than dogs do. A cat has a higher frequency and can hear up to two octaves higher than a human being. Therefore, cats have a better hearing and will be able to pick up on the little sounds that others often miss out on.


It is common for cats to rub themselves against people. However, as opposed to contrary opinion, cats do this not to be affectionate but in fact, to mark their territory. Moreover, the tail area and the paws of the cat are usually those areas that carry the scent of the cat.


Cats do not like water. In fact, cats hate water because their fur does not tend to insulate well when it is wet. The only cat that does love water and swimming is the Turkish Van. The Turkish Van has been bred in central Asia and its coat has a unique texture that allows it to be water resistant.


Cats have a jaw that cannot move sideways. Therefore, cats are unable to chew large chunks of food. Know this fact when you are feeding yours because putting a lot of food in your cat’s mouth will do nothing but backfire.

Nonetheless, cats are incredible pets to have. They make good companions, can cheer you up when you need cheering up the most and can help you through dark times.

A common practice amongst cat owners is to get jewelry and toys for their cats. Jewelry is used for a range of purposes when it comes to cats. Know that a lot of pet owners use jewelry in order to shower their love for their cats, whereas others use it to add a personalized touch to their cats. Moreover, contrarily, other times, many cat owners also tend to buy toys for their cats. Cats generally have a knack for playing with toys as it helps them kill their time and boredom too.


Whether it is a necklace that you are looking for, for your cat, an earring or a bracelet or a toy for your cat, BeyondVenue has them all to offer in varying varieties. Experience some of the best quality items in jewelry and toys category for cats at BeyondVenue and get them if you want to shower your love and blessings on your cat.